SmartTrans - Stop Fatigue Related Accidents

Your Assistant to quantify fatigue risks
and get your people healthier

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Stop Fatigue before it stops you.

You are a transportation pro. You know how much fatigue impacts your business: If you are too tired, you are more likely to suffer costly accidents, miss workdays, and see your insurance premiums increase.
Yet, you have to be on the road, days-in and days-out, and cannot afford to let fatigue take you off the road.
Our A.I. Assistant is here to help you stay healthy and prevent fatigue-related accidents.
And best of all, it all starts with a Free app.
Download it today:

On the ground, in the air, SmartTrans helps you quantify your risk and prevent fatigue related accidents.
Your team can keep going without putting operations at risk.

Already using the app? Time to add our vision and sensor systems to give you even more precise recommendations.

Your environment matters

What surrounds you impacts you

Our environment affects us a lot. But, because we are all unique it affects us differently. Our digital assistant makes sense of information coming from the sensor kit to quickly show you which factors impact your fatigue levels and how you can make things better.


Luminosity impacts fatigue so we measure it and give you suggestions based on different ligth levels.

Air Quality

Pollution takes a huge toll on us yet we seldom stop and think about the impact it has on us. Let's change that!


Ever noticed how you get more sleepy when your environment is quiet? At the same time, too much noise will also get you off your game. We're here to help.

...And beyond

We have more sensors in our kit and we also bring in other external elements in our A.I. mix so that you can get personalized recommendations that fit your transportation needs and goals.

We keep an eye on you to keep you safer

A.I. Vision

Our on-board vision kit is your safety companion. We study your face and how it changes during the day.
Our A.I. mixes all the information collected and gives you recommendations that will help you make it to your destination safely.
Privacy is a chief concern: the camera data stays on-board.

Intelligence for fleet operators

Boost your business

Knowing how your team is performing will help you better schedule shifts, reduce risk, and lower your insurance costs.
You can also know a lot more about your vehicle's performance and trouble areas.

Camera vision to make your driving experience safer

Our Team

We put together a team of experts to solve the problem of fatigue-related accidents. The team is scattered around the world so we have an international vision of the issue. Many of us are also part of the Intel Software Innovators Program in IoT and AI. We're humans building technology that will assist humans, not direct them!

  • Silviu Tudor Serban

    Computer Vision Expert

  • Bill Boothby


  • Gregory Menvielle


  • Agnès Duverger

    Product Lead

  • John Barberis


  • Steven Fink